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Jamboree 17 Sweden - 5th to 12th August

Saturday, 05 August 2017 06:00

During eight days this summer 20 000 children and young people to create and experience adventure, have fun, and meet new and old friends.

The world has never been so close – and at the same time, it has never been farther away. Different realities meet and form something new, something that no one has experienced before. Borders are erased. At Jamboree17 we create a place where young people meet and together walk into the future. A new world where people meet in ways we’ve never seen before. Meetings where you and I and we together create a better world.

The guides and scouts have expert knowledge in creating this type of meeting space. Now we do it again and you can join and experience it. Every fourth year the Guides and Scouts of Sweden will have a national jamboree and Jamboree17 is the first.

Jamboree17 has three keywords: openness, cocreation, and increased self esteem.

Openness – a society where there’s om for everyone and every voice is heard. At Jamboree17 young people will meet across borders, we will tear down walls and erase problems. At the jamboree there are new and unexpected meetings, curious meetings between people exchanging thoughts and opinions. Jamboree17 is a place where you discover new things.

Cocreation – together we shape the jamboree, and together we shape the world. When tens of thousands of young people meet at the same place unbelievable possibilities are created. Possibilities to build something new. We’ll build our own homes, cook our own food, and find solutions together. Activities and adventures are created by all participants together.

Increased self esteem – Jamboree17 will give you the courage to take the next step. At the jamboree there’s a safe environment where young participants can develop no matter who they are, how they look, and where they come from. Everyone will be allowed to fail, to try again, and to succeed. At Jamboree17 young people train their leadership skills and support each other in doing so. The jamboree provides the participants with challenges that increase their self esteem. That makes individuals feel safe, which in turn makes society more safe. If you’ve done it once, you can do it again. You make a difference and your actions make a difference, too.


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